Scientific skills

Dispersion technology
Rheology and fluid dynamics
Coating, printing, jetting
Experimental design
High throughput screening
Curing (UV, LED, e-beam)
Organic synthesis
Crystal design
Particle surface chemistry
Interfacial chemistry
Dispersant design
Optical properties
Molecular modeling
Mathematical models
Literature assessment
Patent mapping



About us

SquareDrop is an innovative chemical research and consulting company in materials and technology development. We have a vast experience in research, developing and up-scaling of chemical formulations, designed in relation to dedicated industrial applications and processes.

SquareDrop has experience in project management in a business to business collaboration and has experience in the transfer of know how and technology during the implementation process.

SquareDrop can count on an extended network consisting of research centers, industrial labs, system integrators and universities in different application fields and markets. Therefore we can coordinate multidisciplinary teams during the different project phases to achieve the maximum business potential for our customers. Within our scope we have capabilities to initiate and to follow up larger projects, funded by governmental institutes.

SquareDrop is convinced that the strength in a successful product and process development lies in the diversity of shared and well balanced competences.
Our chemical R&D core team, has more than 20 years experience in an application driven product and process development, with respect to dispersions, coatings, fluids and other functional formulations.