Scientific skills

Dispersion technology
Rheology and fluid dynamics
Coating, printing, jetting
Experimental design
High throughput screening
Curing (UV, LED, e-beam)
Organic synthesis
Crystal design
Particle surface chemistry
Interfacial chemistry
Dispersant design
Optical properties
Molecular modeling
Mathematical models
Literature assessment
Patent mapping




Innovation is not only the key factor to generate a competitive position and to guarantee a continuous growth of industrial companies but it is also the basic platform to stimulate creativity and to increase welfare within a society.

In an ever changing dynamic world it is absolutely necessary to increase the effectiveness of the available resources and competences within a society to maximize the success rate of the innovations.

SquareDrop believes that this process must be supported and driven by a dynamic R&D and technological approach based on shared competences in a framework of temporally alliances between research centers, system and process integrators, industrial partners and universities.